Proctor Responsibilities And Assessment Rules Update

We’ve Made a Few Changes

OQ compliance exists to maintain the safety of individuals and the environment that surround pipelines and pipeline facilities.  For this reason, OQSG takes its responsibility of providing a means for qualifying seriously, one of our main goals being to provide secure assessments by trained Power Users and Administrators.  In our efforts to surpass this goal, we’ve recently added a few, new measures to increase the security of the material in our Covered Task assessments.


What Changed?

Proctor Responsibilities

  • Added item to remind Proctors of their responsibility for ensuring that OQSG’s assessment material is not copied or reproduced
  • Supersedes previous versions of this document
  • Referenced and agreed to in Proctoring Agreement

OQSG Assessment Rules

  • Added item to remind users that copying or reproducing assessment material is not allowed
  • Supersedes previous versions of this document
  • Referenced and agreed to in Employee Acknowledgement and Release

Assessment Security Slide

  • Added new slide to all Covered Task courses, precedes Proctor Log-In screen
  • Slide requires agreement from the user not to copy or reproduce assessment material
  • User must agree in order to advance to the assessment

Action Items

  • Proctors: Update your testing areas by removing all outdated Assessment Rules and replacing them with the newest version

What About Leaving Feedback?

Feedback on OQ Covered Tasks is always welcomed and appreciated.  Users wishing to leave feedback can do so by clicking the Feedback button at the bottom of any course slide to submit their comments and suggestions.  Users, including Administrators, Proctors, Evaluators, and Power Users, should never copy or screenshot assessment content in order to submit feedback via email or Live Chat.  Leaving feedback by means of the Feedback button provides us with the exact location and details of the slide the User is viewing making the need for copying or screenshots unnecessary.  Encourage your employees to leave their comments and suggestions through the Feedback button.  Your input helps us keep our courses accurate and up to date.

2 thoughts on “Proctor Responsibilities And Assessment Rules Update”

  1. I agree with more protection, but I do not see any improvement on user friendly updates on the web site.
    I would like to see some more options for the settings, when I open up the users tab, it automatically pulls up active and inactive employees. I would like to only see the active unless i want to see all employees that have ever worked for us.
    I would also like to see better filters for when I am looking for expirations of OQ’s, when I go to the reports for an employee, i have to scroll through all of their past expirations to get to the current ones.

  2. Thank you for your feedback, Michael. Your suggestion of auto-hiding inactive users is a feature that we’ve also had on our minds. We will keep you posted on this feature’s development. In the Reports area, your own personal workflow may benefit from building a custom report tailored to your exact needs that can be saved to “My Reports.” Please contact our Support Team at 337.769.9608 or for assistance with report building. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other suggestions or feedback you may have. We look forward to hearing from you again.

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