Control Room

Implement & Maintain

OQSG can conduct alarm management, training, & fatigue mitigation plan reviews. We can also develop training specific for your facilities. Let our 20+ years of experience guide you in implementing and maintaining your control room management plan.

Train & Assess

Use Course Builder to create customized training and assessments with advanced features including question randomization, automatic scoring, and remediation. With our support team to get you started, or our Pinion Pros to manage the process, course builder ensures secure and effective training for your employees.

Management of Change

Distributing policies and procedures is a snap with Pinion. Use it to conduct reviews and push out policy changes. Administrators can easily stay on top of things with access on all devices to track information.Get notified when things are completed. All of this is part of Course Builder’s advanced features.


An account in our online learning management system (Pinion LMS) gives you access to control room related topics such as:
  • Fatigue Management Series
  • CLF - Catastrophic Line Failure
  • CRF - Control Room Emergency Response
  • CT0241 - Operate, Maintain, and Configure Flow Computers
  • CT28 - Verify or Set Protection Parameters for Programmable Controllers and/or other Instrumentation Control Loops
  • CT39 - Operations of a Pipeline System
  • CT40 - Computational Pipeline Monitoring (CPM) Leak Detection
  • CT50 - Testing an Emergency Shutdown Device
  • CT56 - Compressor Station Inspection and Testing of Remote Control Shutdown Devices
  • CT57 - Startup, Shutdown and Operation of a Turbine Driven Gas Compressor Unit
  • CT58 - Startup, Shutdown and Operation of an Engine Driven Gas Compressor Unit
  • CT61 - Documentation, Reporting, & OQ Recordkeeping