Meet The Team

Kevin Graham

Vice President, General Manager

Here from the start, Julie knows how every piece fits. She guides each team, oversees project planning, and ensures efficiency and quality. She easily juggles everything on her plate from chairing subcommittees to redecorating offices.


Julie Langwell

Director of Production

As head of our Business Team, Paul guides his group in delivering the best customer experience possible. Using precision and careful planning he provides service quotes, arranges evaluations, and trains evaluators, as well as attending industry meetings and developing relationships.

Paul Williams

Director of Business Development & Compliance

Sheila has been on our team and assisting customers for nearly a decade. Her complete knowledge of our previous software perfectly poises her to transition customers into Pinion. Offering exemplary customer support and in charge of accounting she’ll keep you up and running at maximum capacity.

Sheila Champagne

Support Manager

Blane is the bridge between the Business and Software Teams. Speaking the languages of both programmers and end users, Blane easily translates feedback to produce new features in addition to offering customer support for technical issues. No order is too tall.

Blane Wesson

Product Development Manager

Matt Yasar

Technology Development Manager

In charge of the course production process, Aimee maps out the path of new courses and polishes our communications, from course storyboards to providing voice talent. Formerly holding a support role, she brings a knowledge of customer needs to Production.

Aimee Speyrer

Production Coordinator

Brick by brick Halie tediously builds the courses so many of our customers depend on. She constructs training, looks after our SCORM customers, and manages and maintains course updates. Her keen eye makes her a strong line of defense in course reviews, resulting in quality training.

Halie Goodrich

Media Developer

As a designer and animator, Diego has the experience and skills to bring our courses to life. From branding, to photo shoots, to web design, his creative vision is what keeps Pinion engaging.

Diego Escandon

Multimedia Developer

Hailey simplifies the meticulous Evaluator Process by managing it from start to finish. She coordinates Evaluator Training classes, manages candidates and task lists, and offers software support. Her customer support experience and keen eye for detail ensures that all skills assessments are more than acceptable.

Hailey Moon

Sales & Support Specialist

Kourtni has the experience and expertise for onboarding new clients and managing the Proctor Process. She knows what it takes to get employees qualified and on the job. She’s there to introduce you to Pinion, she offers support along the way, and she’ll even proctor your assessment.

Kourtni Lopez

Sales & Support Specialist

With his 40 year tenure in software development in the oil and gas industry, Ron provides a foundation of sound logic and experience to our Software Team.

Ronald Sovine

Software Developer

He is the innovative mind behind our software and brings an understanding of new technologies and web development. In his graduate studies Adil performed extensive research in virtual reality, 3D graphics, and game development.

Adil Khokhar

Software Developer

The newest addition to our support team, Kimberly brings over 10 years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry to the table. She can help to determine your company’s needs and offer solutions to meet them.

Kimberly Hernandez


Through collaboration with our team, end users, and subject matter experts, Claire makes sure we are satisfying regulatory requirements while maintaining approachable content. Her keen eye, teaching, and writing experiences make her a perfect complement to our Production Team.

Claire Salinas