Operator Roundtable Conference Spring 2019

On April 24, 2019 we were pleased to host several pipeline operators for an Operator Roundtable conference at the Acadiana Center for the Arts.  The goals of the conference were to augment the flow of information to our customers and to discuss OQSG program enhancements, best practices, and industry changes.

Operators who qualify their employees through OQSG or who accept OQSG qualifications from contractors were invited to attend this spring session.  In attendance were Andeavor, Cardinal Gas, Centurion, Enbridge, Enterprise Products, Genesis Energy, LOOP LLC, NuStar, Par Hawaii Refining, Shell Pipeline Company LP, Valero, and Wolverine Pipe Line Company.

To kick off the conference, we took a few minutes to announce OQSG’s new company structure.  OQSG and Pinion LMS are now operated by Smith System Pinion LLC which is owned by Smith System Driver Improvement Institute Inc.  Our guests were welcomed by Tony Douglas, President & CEO of Smith System Driver Improvement Institute, Inc.

Be on the lookout for our next Operator Roundtable Conference which will be held in the Fall of 2019.

Conference Recap:

  • Course Production
    • Reviewed OQSG’s course production process
    • Discussed opportunities for customers to become more involved in the course production process
    • Presented the 2019 course production schedule
    • Discussed additional course needs to be added to the schedule
    • Reviewed CT39 – Operations of a Pipeline System course content
  • Industry
    • Discussed the recent API and ASME meetings, NY white paper, and OQ audits
    • Customers who have recently been faced with detailed audits shared their challenges and successes
  • Software & OQSG Program Enhancements
    • Presented the new course manager, as well as the show/hide and alias features
    • Discussed and gathered feedback and ideas on Pinion Check for skills assessments, a new OQSG Operator mapping procedure, Operator Study Packet, and evaluator procedure

For more information or a copy of the meeting minutes and the agenda, contact
Paul Williams