There was valuable information shared and progress towards 1161 publication made at the recent API meeting.

Below is a quick summary, if you need more information please contact Paul Williams (337.291.7465) or Robert Supple (337.291.7453).

The first meeting day began with a general session in which James Reynolds (PHMSA) presented on the 2010 – 2016 enforcement study conducted by PHMSA. There were 79 items examined, about half of them involved procedural violations and the other half involved covered tasks. The presentation was closely related to the Rod Dyck Presentation from December 2017. There is an advisory bulletin containing this content, updated FAQs on the site, and updated enforcement guidance coming soon. We also discussed the new API Bylaws, provided work group updates, and split into the work groups for the afternoon. Paul Merrit is retiring from ExxonMobil and has served as the WG 2 Chairman for the last 12 years. Paul Merritt was thanked for his years of service and Paul Williams was announced as the new chairman of WG 2.

We continued working in separate work groups for the second day after a presentation by Shawnna Poor (Valero) about OQ Program changes and a presentation by Paul Williams (OQSG) about reformatting Annex A and C for 2019 publication. WG 2 continued working on Annex A and Annex C that will more efficiently document task information. WG 4 continued reviewing and editing the task guidance documents. And WG 7 conducted an analysis of enforcement actions from January 1, 2017 to February 5, 2018 which provided some insightful information.

On the third meeting day, we all met together in a general session to review/accept the meeting minutes, discuss upcoming meetings, and workgroup status updates. The meeting was very productive as we prepare for publication of the 4th edition in 2019.