OQSG Course Updates

Keeping you current on your compliance needs, updates were made to the following courses:


CT08 – Conducting Cathodic Protection Remediation (Knowledge)
CT1291 – Locate Underground Pipelines (Training)
CT15 – Place and Maintain Line Markers (Training)
CT19 – Provide Temporary Marking of Buried Pipeline Prior to Excavation (Training)
CT22 – Inspect Valves (Knowledge)
CT35 – Backfilling a Trench Following Maintenance (Knowledge)
CT41 – Operate Pressure Relieving Devices for Launching and Receiving Facilities (Knowledge)
CT42 – Perform Maintenance on Valves (Training)
CT54 – Gas Detection and Alarm System Maintenance and Performance Testing (Training and Knowledge)
CT65 – Damage Prevention During Excavation Activities By or On Behalf of the Operator (Knowledge)

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