Annual CP Surveys Content gets an Update!

Our Content Development Team stays busy updating and building new courses to keep you compliant. Updates and new courses are initiated by industry changes, internal reviews, and customer feedback. An update to CT01 – Conducting Annual Cathodic Protection Surveys will be available at the start of the new year.

CT01’s changes include expanded content in its training, knowledge, and skills modules satisfying a handful of API and ASME tasks. Updates are classified to convey the impact that the adjustments will have on your compliance. The content changes to CT01 have been designated as a medium update and will not require the retraining or re-evaluation of currently qualified individuals.

Management of Change (MOC) documentation is available in Pinion’s Company Files and contains additional information on the affected components. The Criteria Document, which provides an overview of the course including regulations, qualification period, topics covered, module version numbers, and course length is also available in Company Files.  

Our Support Team is available to assist should you need help accessing these documents. Contact a team member at 337-769-9608 or for help.