Go Beyond OQ: Recap and Preview 2022

We are thankful for a great 2021 and excited about all 2022 will offer. Before moving forward let’s take a quick look back at this past year. From expanded course offerings to updated training content and tools like Pinion Check and Course Builder, we’ve made it even easier to manage your OQ program.

Four libraries add over 150 courses to pinion LMS!

Our new offerings make it easy to administer and track safety training in the same system you use for OQ. We’ve got you covered with everything from Driving Safety, HR & Leadership, to Workplace Safety, and Health & Wellness.

latest course update: annual cp surveys content

Our Content Development Team stays busy updating and building new courses to keep you compliant. Updates and new courses are initiated by industry changes, internal reviews, and customer feedback. An update to CT01 – Conducting Annual Cathodic Protection Surveys will be available at the start of the new year.

Tools to simplify compliance

Pinion Check

Designed for auditing, inspecting, and evaluating your workforce. Convert paper inspections and company procedures into mobile friendly assessments. This software tool was designed for the “check” phase in the PDCA cycle of any management system. Analyze the effectiveness of your compliance and training programs.

Course Builder

Build and deliver custom courses in Pinion LMS. Create eLearning, knowledge assessments, equipment specific training, or provide access to company documents and forms. Easily incorporate videos, audio, animations, feedback, and apply custom scoring, assessment randomization, proctor requirements, and remediation using our feature.

what’s new in 2022?

The new year brings new opportunities for growth within your business and we want to help. Learn new ways to use Pinion LMS with our virtual how to webinar series. We will also continue to offer virtual Operator and Reseller roundtable meetings which provides a forum to share industry news and improvements. Our software and production teams are working to enhance the Dashboard and Course Builder areas of Pinion to improve monitoring and customization of courses and assessments.

Virtual “How To” Webinar Series

Operator and Reseller Roundtable meetings

Improved Dashboard

Customizing courses and assessments

New Courses

Program Effectiveness Reviews (PERs)

OQSG Skills Assessments through Pinion Check