Operator Procedure Integration

Pipeline safety remains a top priority as the industry continues to work toward reducing incidents. With these safety initiatives come regulatory changes that raise questions and concerns for Operators.

A recent challenge that many Operators are experiencing is increased scrutiny during audits. Inspectors want to see more evidence that Operator programs are thorough and being implemented as written. As a result, Operators have to present more documentation during audits.

what are my options for integration?

This rising challenge leaves many Operators feeling confused and frustrated about how to move forward, but fortunately, the answer doesn’t have to be complex. OQSG offers Operators the ability to easily integrate procedures with their existing OQSG program in four different ways.

  1. Assign and Track Operator Procedures in Pinion LMS

With this feature, available to all OQSG customers at no additional cost, Operators can create document modules for each procedure and assign the modules to individuals and groups. The procedures can be downloaded, and a record of the event is stored in Pinion LMS.

  1. Incorporate Operator Procedures into OQSG Skills Assessments

The software feature used to assign and track customized skills assessments is also available at no additional cost. The Operator’s OQ Administrator will first identify all processes and other relevant inputs, develop new skills assessment templates with the Operator’s logo, and blend Skills Assessment and Operator Procedures into a new format.

  1. Incorporate Operator Procedures into OQSG Check Assessments

Larger Operators (those with 50 or more employees) will see value in Pinion Check. Designed for auditing, inspecting, and evaluating your workforce, Pinion Check allows operators to convert paper inspections, company procedures, and customized skills assessments into mobile-friendly assessments. With the Course Builder tool, Operators can create and modify unlimited modules.

  1. Incorporate Operator Procedure into OQSG eLearning

With Pinion Course Builder, Operators can add Operator Procedures directly into their eLearning courses. Course Builder has various features, making it easy to incorporate videos, audio, animations, feedback, and apply custom scoring, assessment randomization, proctor requirements, and remediation. All courses are maintained in a user-friendly Learning Management System. With SCORM and AICC course packages, Operators can deliver customized OQSG eLearning content in their own Learning Management System. Course packages are offered in multiple configurations, allowing Operators to choose what works best for their employees.

Our clients find these features easy to use, and they can comfortably tailor them to fit their unique needs. And if questions arise, support is just a simple click or call away.

“Using Course Builder, we are able to edit existing courses to reflect the needs of our employees and at the same time the content as is, is up to date and relevant. The support at Pinion is always there when needed, whether it’s using the online chat function, help videos, or calling Pinion direct.”

-Doug Madden, Project Advisor of TNPI
Regulatory changes can raise questions and concerns for operators, but OQSG is committed to serving its Operator customers throughout these changes — today and in the future. Contact us to learn more about our Operator Procedure Integration options.