Course Updates – CT06.3, 18, 27, 40, OQ-PROC

Our Content Development Team is busy updating and building new courses to keep you compliant. Updates and new courses are initiated by industry changes, internal reviews, and customer feedback. Our Management of Change (MOC) Documentation is available in Pinion’s Company Files and includes specific information on the affected components and overall impact.

We’ve expanded the AOC section of CT06.3’s skills assessment and added criteria covering equipment logistics and the disposal of removed coating. In CT18, we added tank grounding system components to the visual inspection. CT27 received instructions on following company specific requirements. In CT40’s eLearning module, some assessment questions were rewritten for clarity. And the recertification interval of three years for Proctor Training was changed to one year.

Year to Date:


  • CT06.3          Perform Surface Preparation                                                                   Skills
  • CT18             Inspection of Breakout Tanks                                                                   Skills
  • CT27             Inspect, Test, and Calibrate Pressure Switches and Transmitters     Skills
  • CT40             Computational Pipeline Monitoring (CPM)                                            eLearning
  • OQ-PROC     Proctor Training                                                                                         eLearning


  • CT59             Install and Monitor Vapor Barriers                                                         Skills



  • CT02              Maintain Test Leads                                                                                 eLearning, Skills
  • CT05              Electrically Inspect Bare Pipe                                                                  eLearning, Skills
  • CT08              Conducting Cathodic Protection Remediation                                    eLearning, Skills
  • CT09              Monitoring for Internal Corrosion                                                         eLearning, Skills


  • CT06.2          Inspection of Coatings                                                                               eLearning
  • CT06.3          Perform Surface Preparation                                                                   eLearning
  • CT06.4          Perform Coating Application                                                                    eLearning, Skills
  • CT59             Install and Monitor Vapor Barriers                                                          eLearning

Management of Change Documentation is available in Pinion’s Company Files.  Contact our Support Team at 337-769-9608 or if you need help accessing it.