Course Update – Proctor Training

Our Content Development Team is busy updating and building new courses to keep you compliant. Updates and new courses are initiated by industry changes, internal reviews, and customer feedback. Our Management of Change (MOC) Documentation is available in Pinion’s Company Files and includes specific information on the affected components and overall impact.

Today we published updates to OQ-PROC – Proctor Training. This course teaches individuals how to administer valid OQSG knowledge assessments through Pinion LMS. The updates include new media as well as information regarding proctoring remotely.

Year to Date:Updates
CT01Conducting Annual Cathodic Protection Surveys eLearning, Skills
CT01.3ACCA Conduct AC Current Attenuation SurveySkills
CT06.4Perform Coating Application Skills
CT36.7Perform Hot TappingSkills
CT36.9Install Completion PlugsSkills
CT38Maintenance Welding on PipelineseLearning
CT58Startup, Shutdown and Operation of an Engine Driven Gas Compressor UnitSkills
OQ-PROCProctor TrainingeLearning
CT08Conducting Cathodic Protection RemediationeLearning, Skills
CT12  Internal Corrosion RemediationeLearning, Skills

Management of Change Documentation is available in Pinion’s Company Files.  Contact our Support Team at 337-769-9608 or if you need help accessing it.