New Course – CT0621

New Course – CT0621

The third course of our NDT series is now available. CT0621 – Perform NDT: Magnetic Particle Testing explains and evaluates preparing a surface for nondestructive testing, introducing a magnetic field, applying particle medium, inspecting for indications, and potential abnormal operating conditions.

Our Content Development Team is busy updating and building new courses to keep you compliant. Updates and new courses are initiated by industry changes, internal reviews, and customer feedback. Our Management of Change (MOC) Documentation is available in Pinion’s Company Files and includes specific information on the affected components and overall impact.

Year to Date:New
CT0621Perform NDT: Magnetic Particle TestingeLearning, Skills, Check
CT0631Perform NDT: Ultrasonic TestingeLearning, Skills, Check
CT49Operate Air MoversSkills, Check
CT101Operate and Maintain Closure DevicesSkills, Check

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