Did you know that Pinion LMS has a feature that allows you to build your own custom courses?

We are excited to highlight Course Builder in this edition of Beyond OQ. The application of this Pinion LMS feature transcends operator qualification and gives you the power to create your own courses. Contact us to decide if Course Builder is right for your company.

Building Courses Better

Custom course development and delivery is easy using Course Builder. Create eLearning, knowledge assessments, equipment specific training, or provide access to company documents and forms. Easily incorporate videos, audio, animations, feedback, and apply custom scoring, assessment randomization, proctor requirements, and remediation using our feature.


How can Course Builder help me?

Bridging the gap between company specific training and industry regulation doesn’t have to be difficult. All courses built using Course Builder are delivered through Pinion LMS. That’s right, your custom courses are managed within Pinion LMS and are assigned, completed, and reported alongside your OQ courses. You can also notify users of new assignments and upcoming expiration through Pinion Courier™.

Course Builder allows you to create a variety of courses to help your company. A few examples include:

  • Custom OQ Training & Assessments 
  • Control Room Training & Assessments
  • O&M Procedures and Training
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Company/Site Specific Orientation
  • Equipment Specific Training                                   

Slide templates for a consistent look!

Need a little more info? We’re here to help! Contact us to schedule a demo.

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