CT06 Prevention of Atmospheric Corrosion to be retired

CT06 Prevention of Atmospheric Corrosion will be retired on January 1, 2021. This course covered several topics related to coating inspection, surface preparation, and coating application. This decision was made with a group of operator customers in 2019 and now the new courses to replace CT06 are ready.

On the retirement date, you will no longer be able to assign the CT06 eLearning or skills assessment. Rest assured that all of your company’s completed CT06 assignments will not be changed. We will also remove all incomplete CT06 assignments and turn off CT06 auto-reassign functionality.

These are the three new eLearning Courses:
– CT06.2 Inspection of Coatings
– CT06.3 Perform Surface Preparation
– CT06.4 Perform Coating Application

These are the associated skills assessments:
– CT06.2 Inspection of Coatings
– CT06.2.1 Visual Inspection of Coatings
– CT06.2.2 Perform Coating Inspection
– CT06.3 Perform Surface Preparation
– CT06.3.1 Perform Surface Preparation – Dry Abrasive Blasting
– CT06.3.2 Perform Surface Preparation – Water Blasting
– CT06.3.3 Perform Surface Preparation – Nonabrasive Blast (Hand or Power Tools or Solvents)
– CT06.4 Perform Coating Application
– CT06.4.1 Perform Coating Application – Hand Application Methods
– CT06.4.2 Perform Coating Application – Spray Application Methods
– CT06.4.3 Perform Coating Application – Wrapped Methods

What do you need to do?
– Run a CT06 report in your account prior to the retirement date so that you have a record of the incomplete assignments that will be removed.
– Review CT06 qualified employees and Pinion Groups to determine which of the replacement courses listed above should be assigned.
– Operator customers should review their OQ Task Lists and make adjustments as needed. A separate email will be sent with task list guidance.
– Contractor customers should identify how their operator client OQ requirements have changed.
– Evaluators that were approved to evaluate CT06 should already have access to the new skills assessments mentioned above. Contact Hailey at hmoon@oqsg.com if you need assistance.

How can we help?
Please do not hesitate to call our office if you need any help or have questions. We thank you for your business and look forward to continually providing better products to satisfy your qualification needs.
Support@oqsg.com or 337.769.9608