Course Update – CT60 General Abnormal Operating Conditions

Our Content Development Team is busy updating and building new courses to keep you compliant.  Updates and new courses are initiated by industry changes, internal reviews, and customer feedback.  Our Management of Change (MOC) Documentation is available in Pinion’s Company Files and includes specific information on the affected components and overall impact.

In CT60 we reworded assessment questions to lend more clarity to the questions’ topics.

Year to date:

CT01.3ACVGConduct AC Voltage Gradient SurveySkills
CT01.3DCVGConduct DC Voltage Gradient SurveySkills
CT05Electrically Inspect Bare PipeeLearning
CT07Measure Wall Thickness of PipeeLearning
CT09Monitoring for Internal CorrosioneLearning
CT11Inspect, Test, and Calibrate Overfill Protective DeviceseLearning
CT1291Locate Underground PipelinesSkills
CT13Inspect Internal Pipe SurfaceseLearning
CT1301Install and Maintain Pipeline MarkersSkills
CT14Application and Repair of External CoatingseLearning
CT15Place and Maintain Line MarkersSkills
CT18Inspection of Breakout TankseLearning
CT19Provide Temporary Marking of Buried Pipeline Prior to ExcavationeLearning, Skills 
CT22Inspect ValveseLearning, Skills 
CT24Inspect, Test, and Calibrate Relief ValveseLearning
CT26Inspect, Test, and Calibrate Pressure Limiting DeviceseLearning
CT27Inspect, Test, and Calibrate Pressure Switches and TransmitterseLearning
CT32Abandoning, Safe Disconnect, Purging, and Sealing of Pipeline FacilitieseLearning
CT34Inspection Activities for Tie-ins, Pipe Replacements, or Other Components Connecting to an Existing PipelineeLearning
CT36.2Install Welded Tight Fitting SleeveseLearning
CT36.7Perform Hot TappingeLearning
CT36.8Install Pipeline PlugseLearning, Skills 
CT37Conduct Pressure TesteLearning
CT38Maintenance Welding on PipelineseLearning
CT39Operations of a Pipeline System (Pipeline Facility)eLearning
CT48Purge a PipelineeLearning
CT60General Abnormal Operating ConditonseLearning
CT65Damage Prevention During Excavation of In-Service Pipe by or on Behalf of an OperatorSkills
OQ-EVALEvaluator RecertificationeLearning
OQ-EVAL-DocCorrectly Document Skills Assessment FormseLearning
OQ-PROCProctor TrainingeLearning
CT06.2Inspection of CoatingseLearning
CT06.3Perform Surface PreparationeLearning
CT06.4Perform Coating ApplicationeLearning


CT01Conducting Annual Cathodic Protection SurveyseLearning, Skills 
CT08Conducting Cathodic Protection RemediationeLearning, Skills 

Management of Change Documentation is available in Pinion’s Company Files.  Contact our Support Team at 337-769-9608 or if you need help accessing it.