Course Update – CT59

Course updates to CT59 – Install and Monitor Vapor Barriers have just been released. CT59 now covers freeze plugs in addition to mud plugs and dry ice, inflatable, and mechanical vapor barriers. The covered task explains and evaluates the temporary sealing of a portion of pipeline with a plug or isolation tool to create a vapor barrier preventing hazardous vapors from entering a hot work area and recognizing and reacting to abnormal op­erating conditions. The updated eLearning and Skills Assessment modules are available in Pinion LMS beginning May 25.

Our Content Development Team is busy updating and building new courses to keep you compliant. Updates and new courses are initiated by industry changes, internal reviews, and customer feedback. Our Management of Change (MOC) documentation is available in Pinion LMS Company Files and includes specific information on the affected components and overall impact. Contact our Support Team at 337-769-9608 or for help accessing it.

Year to Date:New
CT70Join Plastic Pipe: Butt Heat FusioneLearning, Skills
CT71Join Plastic Pipe: Sidewall Heat FusioneLearning, Skills
CT72Join Plastic Pipe: ElectrofusioneLearning, Skills
CT59Install and Monitor Vapor BarrierseLearning, Skills
OQ-EVALEvaluator RecertificationeLearning
OQ-EVAL DocCorrectly Document Skills Assessment FormseLearning
OQ-PROCProctor TrainingeLearning